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Does your digital marketing campaigns are going in vain? You are thinking you have learned all the concepts of how to perform digital marketing for your clientele and business still misses to get positive results. If yes, I am here to let you know where and why are you missing to achieve desired results and revenues in a digital marketing campaign. Believe me, there is a lot more behind these two words digital marketing which I got to learn from my digital mentor Digital Deepak in my internship. Also, I will share the marketing concepts and strategies with a mass trust blueprint which will give high traffic blog.

Let me tell you the secret behind digital marketing is the way you communicate with your target audience and consumers. For communicating with well with your audience you should have a clear and understandable message which will help them to create a perception about your product and services in there mind.

I am sharing below how to get positive results in digital marketing if you are a beginner or yet to start your journey in digital marketing.

  1. What are the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing?

  2. How digital marketing is different from Traditional Marketing?

  3. What is CATT funnel?

  4. What is integrated digital marketing?

  5. How personal branding helps to grow a business?

If you are an upcoming digital marketer or just have started your digital marketing journey not able to achieve your targets for your digital campaign like online advertising, social media marketing and more. Let me guide you on how can you gain confidence.

What are the Fundamentals of Digital Marketing with traditional marketing concepts and strategies?

Digital Marketing comprises of two words digital and marketing, I can say you doing digitalization of the marketing ethics from way back then as the technology is growing day by day. To perform an effective digital marketing campaign let me share the first fundamentals of marketing with you.

According to American Marketing Association(AMA), “Marketing is the activity, set of institutions, and processes for creating, communicating, delivering, and exchanging offerings that have value for customers, clients, partners, and society at large.”

Marketing revolves around awareness about your product or services which your business serves to your target audience(consumer) and end up in natural sales by fulfilling the need of consumers.

If you don’t know who your target audience is than its like billboard advertisement which is viewed by every person walking on the road though it is also a way of marketing to reach the audience without any classification or records.

Let me share 4P’s of marketing: Product, Price, Place and Promotion.
As marketing revolves around the product if your product is met by the need of the audience the marketing increases ways to reach to the right consumer. According to Philip Kotler, the product be of 10 types: Goods, Services, Experiences, Events, Persons, Places, Properties, organizations, Information, and Ideas.

Price is the only element in marketing that generate revenue for the business. Price is the money you pay for any product or service though the name can be different like fees, rent, insurance premium, charge, salary, commission and more. Price depends on the objective, demand, competitors’ cost which you can change as per demand and supply.

Place is an important criterion for successfully generating revenue for business. Promotion helps to create awareness in consumers for your product than the competitor’s product. Sending the right words communicating to your audience and consumer at the right time is essential to get an impact for the product.

How Digital Marketing is different from Traditional Marketing?

The type of marketing is decided by the type of product you have which you want to sell. Both have their own pros and cons. If your product is a generic product like soaps and shampoos consumer will choose as per the marketing done for it. You might have seen many TV ads, billboard ads of Deepika holding Lux as we reach the product information to as many as possible. But you might have not seen the daily use soap ad on Instagram or Facebook as its is a generic product.

Suppose you have high-end handcrafted customized soap made of essential oils made for people of high end-society either they will buy from a premium outlet the soap will be available at their choice. For marketing of high-end soap, you will choose digital marketing to target the specific age, gender and city people as every one might not be able to afford it.

Let me share ways of traditional marketing like newspaper ads, TV ads, billboard ads, radio ads, distributing pamphlets. Next are the ways to perform digital marketing for your product using technology on your laptop and mobile users like social media marketing, paid advertisement, google Adwords and more.

I will add both the medium has its value based on the type of product of services you are providing to consumers. You should know your product well to market it well.

What is CATT funnel?

Funnel is the process to convert your potential customer to a sale that is generated by doing marketing campaigns. Let me share the formula for generating wealth in your business.

Wealth= n ^ CATT

n= niche
C= Content
A= Attention
T= Trust
T= Transaction

Niche is the area in which you are either providing services or selling a product. For example, health, education, IT, and more. The mentioned niches are a broad view of niche which can be classified in micro detail. To know more in-depth about niche selection wait for my next writeup.

Creating meaningful and valuable content which fulfill the need of the audience either by resolving any of there needs or adding value and benefit to there lifestyle is essential.

Your content is adding benefits to consumer life. You content will gain attention and the consumer itself some time spread word of mouth for your brand(content) which will create curiosity among the person to know more which will eventually lead to attention to your product. Digital marketing is all about creating and seeking attention from your right audience through the digital medium like social media marketing, paid ads and referrals.

Building trust with your consumer is important, whenever they make next purchase they should choose you again. You have to be connected with consumers in a personalized way. To get connected many marketing automation tools are available in which you can send a personalized message to your consumer and you can retarget them for upselling.

By gaining attention, trust from your audience now is time to convert your leads(potential consumers) into your customer to generate revenue for your business.

What is integrated digital marketing?

Digital marketing is a solar system itself and the sun of this solar system is QUALITY CONTENT. Yes, you read right everything revolves around content. Let me share planets i.e. sub-parts of digital marketing:

  1. Search Engine Marketing (PPC)

  2. Search Engine Optimization (Organic Traffic)

  3. Email Marketing

  4. Social Media Marketing

  5. Digital Display Marketing

  6. Content Marketing

As You know content is the Sun of your solar system. Every planet revolves around Sun similar email list, social media marketing, search engine marketing, ads and sales is all about your content which can be product or service.

Quality and captivating content establish themselves in the market. Doing social media marketing of your content will increase your searchability on search engines. Paid ads will drive your audience to know more about your content and through which we may get sales. Every part of digital marketing is integrated with each other help to in ROI.

How personal branding helps to grow a business?

If you want your business to rise and scale be yourself the Brand. You have to be curious, ready to hustle, dedicated, and have goal setting. You have stay persistent in your behavior. Let me share evolution steps to be a brand yourself.

Select a niche and start learning about it try it, experiment it to the depth of the oceans. Understands the fact, terminology, methods.

Once you have learned all the theoretical perspectives present in your niche and master it by doing the practical implementation in real life.

Once you have started experimenting with the subject share your experience with your friend, family and build your own followers list and email list.

Till now we have attained the attention of everyone start taking consultation for expanding yourself gradually. Provide a solution to the problem your clientele are facing who wants to establish there product in market.

After gaining consulting experience start sharing your thought and train the new generation to work similar to you and help others.

Once you are established as a brand and gained the trust of masses you are in position if you initiate a startup you will get audience and sales naturally.

Once you have saturated in the particular niche you may learn a piece of new knowledge to deliver it to the world. The above infographic give a brief of mass trust blueprint to achieve your success in personal branding.

You have now a view of the basics of digital marketing, how digital marketing is different from traditional marketing. The process of creating funnel through CATT and all the segments of digital marketing are integrated with each other to perform content marketing. You can achieve more as personal branding which eventually helps to grow your own business which will eventually get you positive results in digital marketing.

Marketing is conceived as arts though its the science behind which creates a great marketer.

Stay tuned for next how you can choose a profitable niche.