Do you face problems in the middle of your digital marketing project? You wish you had asked and get to know your client business details in first meeting which can save a lot more time in the future.

I have worked in the Pre-Sales department. Sometimes the clients in the middle of the project tires to add more requests, it not only increases time frame to complete project but also the budget which may affect your business work as you have other deadlines. To simple down the process its important to know your project before accepting and start working on it. Let me share with you the basic questionnaire for prospect client of Digital Marketing Services which helps to achieve goals and deadlines on time which will smoothen the future workflow and maintaining a cordial relationship with clients.

This blog will help freelancers, students, who have an inclination towards Digital Marketing and its verticals like Content Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, Lead Generation, Paid Ads and others.

“Get closer than ever to your customers. So close than you tell them what they need before they realize it themselves”- Steve Jobs

Lets start with questionnaire to ask your potential client for digital marketing services.

Brief of prospect’s company and organization

You can following questions
What is your client company’s or organization vision?
What is story behind brand?
What is there brand identity?

Overall Goal and objective
What is corporate core values and how do you express them to your target audience?
What problem does your product or service resolve?

Target audience
What is your buyer persona aka customer avtar?
What is process to convert a prospect into a satisfied customer?
What is hit point which helps audience to take action(CTA)?
How do you address common objection from the audience?
At which tone and feel (emotion)your audience resonates with most?
What is the most frequent question from his audience before purchase?
What is stopping your customer to buy product or service?

What prospect/potenial client rates his current strategies on the scale of 0-10
Ask him to share already done online and offline marketing efforts
What are your current marketing tactics: performance and drawback?
-What is the current and past sales channel?
-How do you measure marketing strategy worked or not?

What metrics do you use?
Which 3 metrics you want to improve?
-Return on Ad spent(ROAS)

It depends on SEO, and keywords used in Search Engine Optimization are responsible for ROAS read how SEO works
-Cost per conversion
-Engagement Rate
-Conversion rate> How can heat scroll help with conversion rate?

Who is top 3 direct competitor links
Who is top 3 indirect competitor links
What is their weakness comparing to competitor

Information of client
Who is the decision-maker?
What is budget to complete the project?

After getting all the answer you can check how to provide value and results with your digital marketing services. While discussing questions with your client you will form a relationship which helps to develop own business. Also, read the steps to know to do digital marketing for biotechnology

Thanks so much for reading. Please leave a comment with feedback or any questions you may have about the blog article. Best of luck to you and your future ! : )

This is my assignment. This is a part of Digital Deepak Internship.

Get to know your Digital Marketing client with basic questionarrie explained in short.